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Digsby = IM + Email + Social Networks

With so many Instant Messaging Network, Email and Social sites online, you may find it difficult to have all your friends in the same place. Your friends will be scattered across multiple instant messaging network, multiple social networking site and you will most likely have multiple email account for work, home, or play.

This is where a multi-protocol tool like Digsby can help.

Digsby is a freeware multi-protocol instant messaging application. It supports most mainstream IM services such as AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Facebook Chat, MySpace IM and XMPP/Jabber-based services such as Google Talk and LiveJournal’s IM.

It also supports e-mail notifications via POP, IMAP and webmail like AOL, Yahoo! and Hotmail – including the ability to mark messages as read, as spam or delete them from the client itself.

Finally, Digsby also supports alerts and newsfeeds from MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With Digsby, you can now get most of your friends and email in one convenient place, all throught a single program.

It does not have the full capability of a stand alone messaging client, or the social sites itself but it does get the basic done very well.

Digsby can be downloaded free from


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