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Piriform Defraggler is smarter, faster

Clean and Easy to use interfaceDefraggler has been part of my system maintenance toolkit for quite some time. With the release of version 2.04.297, it’s now even better at tidying up and optimizing my system’s hard disk drives. Its has a clean and very easy-to-use interface.

One of Defraggler’s more advanced features is the ability to move large files to the end of the hard drive. Your computer accesses files faster if they’re at the start of the drive. Defraggler can put the large files you probably don’t use that often (videos and archives, for example) at the end of the drive so that Windows can find the smaller files faster.

Defrag individual filesAnother feature I like about Defraggler is that you can defragment an entire drive, a folder, or a single file. Tell Defraggler to search for files of a particular size or type. Or tell it to exclude files by name, file type, or other criteria.

Defraggler is a lightweight application that would defragment your hard drive easily and quickly – without being a burden on your system or getting in your way. The installation is only around 3.02MB. That’s about the size of an MP3 you might download, or a short video you might post to YouTube. On a normal broadband connection, Defraggler should take only a few seconds to download.

Installation takes just under a minute, and you’ll be ready to defrag your hard drive and start speeding up your PC in no time.

Most defrag utilities take over your system while you’re using them and can take hours to run. Defraggler is small and uses few resources, so that you can keep working on your PC, without the annoying slowdowns.

Defraggler uses the same techniques that Windows uses so it is just as safe for your files as using Windows build-in defragment program.

Defraggler is made by Piriform, the company that also brought you CCleaner and it is completely free!

You can get Defraggler from here:


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